Thrive Precision Health Inc. (CNER)

Thrive Precision Health Inc. (OTC: CNER)

Thrive Precision Health – Innovative Healthcare for Diabetics

“We’re building a global diabetes care powerhouse. We’re acquiring established clinics that already specialize in diabetes care and bringing in three cutting-edge technologies to make them even better. Our goal is to provide top-notch care to patients worldwide, with a seamless digital experience. We’re taking healthcare to the next level with groundbreaking technology. Imagine if your healthcare was as unique as you are. We’re using AI and quantum biosensors to analyze data down to the molecular level, tailoring treatments and recommendations specifically for you. This means no more one-size-fits-all solutions. Your health decisions will be based on your personal data, ensuring you receive the most effective and personalized care possible.”


Thrive strategies not only improve patient care but also make our clinics more efficient and profitable. This combination of technology adoption, personalized care, and a digital patient experience can drive both adoption and valuation well beyond what traditional clinics can achieve in today’s competitive healthcare landscape.

Advanced Technology Adoption: By incorporating AI and quantum biosensors into our clinics, we are at the forefront of healthcare innovation. This will attract patients looking for cutting-edge solutions, driving adoption.

Personalized Care: Our transition from a population health approach to highly individualized precision healthcare means better outcomes and patient satisfaction. Patients are more likely to choose and stick with clinics that offer personalized care.

Digital Patient Experience: Today’s patients expect a seamless digital experience. Our focus on delivering this enhances patient engagement and loyalty, which in turn drives adoption and repeat business.

Higher Margins: Traditional clinics often struggle with inefficiencies and overhead costs. Our tech-driven approach can lead to streamlined operations and reduced costs, ultimately boosting margins.

Earnings Growth: With increased adoption, higher margins, and satisfied patients, our clinics are poised for strong earnings growth.

Valuation: Investors are increasingly interested in healthcare companies that leverage technology for better patient outcomes and financial returns. Your innovative approach can lead to a higher valuation compared to traditional clinics.

Contact Information

8514 South Sagewood Road
Spokane, WA 99223
Phone: (808) 349 3169

OTC Markets : CNER

Executive Team

  • Guy Zajonc, JD┃CEO
  • Michael Pfeffer┃President
  • Sharon Anderson Morris┃Executive