Dino Luzzi Energy Drink Fueling the Future of Competitive Gaming Announcing New Strategic Partner

PLAINVIEW, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 4, 2023 / Italian Food & Beverage Corp. (OTC PINK:IFBC) a leading energy drink and beverage company, proudly announces its collaboration with “King E-sport” a company specializing in live and online events within the immersive realm of video games and Esports.

Recognizing the significant overlap between Esports players and energy drink consumers, IFBC, in conjunction with King E-sport, actively participated in the Milan Games Week & Cartoomics. Held at the Rho Fiera di Milano from Nov. 24 to 26, this event is Italy’s premier gaming and esports festival, attracting over 200,000 visitors with the participation of 120.000 gamers in 3 days, creating a new record.

IFBC introduced its Dino Luzzi Energy drink to Esports players, garnering widespread acclaim for being one of the best energy drinks on the market. The positive reception has fueled both companies’ enthusiasm to extend the partnership with entering the rapidly expanding Esports market in the USA, currently estimated to have 212 Million with 3,24 Billion worldwide.

“I will never forget the excitement created from this gigantic young crowd, their enthusiasm is way overwhelming, those gamers don’t give up, they were born to win with a great smile in their faces” said CEO Dino Luzzi.

With a shared vision of enhancing the gaming experience and fueling the passion of Esports enthusiasts, IFBC and King E-sport are set to embark on an exciting journey, bringing energy and excitement to gamers around the world.

A great video on Dino Energy Drink and King Esports

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