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The Decentralized Investing Platform for Publicly Listed Companies

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Social4orce helps Issuers access liquidity and capital directly through our decentralized platform that identifies, tracks, and expands your shareholder base.


It has never been harder than it is now to raise capital for your company. Venture capital is shrinking as the shift to direct investing continues to accelerate. Social4orce tracks buyers, gathers and analyzes data, and markets across multiple channels to generate equity capital.


Today’s investors want instant liquidity – the ability to be “in” one day and “out” the next. Social4orce creates an investor movement around your business, generating high demand for your stock. That, in turn, makes it easy for buyers to find sellers and vice versa.

The Plan

  • Build Liquidity – Raise Capital
  • Develop the 12–18-month Capital Plan
  • Build Company messaging strategy and activate all web, social and company information
  • Leverage Social4orce and Company, internal and external, investor data
  • Launch direct marketing campaigns
  • Track and analyze trading patterns and all other data points
  • Adjust direct marketing campaigns
  • Company / Investor Dashboards for real-time reporting, analysis, adjustments, and action plans

To engage with Social4orce:

Social4orce Inc. is not a registered Investment Broker Dealer, nor is it a Registered Investment Advisor and does not give investment advice to individuals or companies.