Stock Market Manager Weekly Update: October 22nd, 2021

Weekly UpdateOctober 21, 2021

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Death and taxes… Oh yea and a bunch more in taxes in Congress gets their way. It always puzzled me that no one ever bothers to explain a simple economic truth, which is the basic underpinning of a capitalist system that in a very short period of time made the United States the most powerful country on the world.

For some very misguided reason the socialists (you know who they are) always have the idea that all the wealthy people got that way by winning a lottery and they are simply lucky and their wealth should be redistributed to the downtrodden or “unlucky”.  That couldn’t be further from the truth. Setting aside a few lottery winners the wealthy and the big corporations they built created the wealth by understanding how to leverage capital and create value that translates into profits and jobs and capital to reinvest.  They understand how to do this and simply put the downtrodden do not. Then ask yourself what do those wealthy people do with all that money?  Do they write billion dollar checks to themselves and stick it under their mattresses? Of course not, what they do is reinvest it and grow the businesses and create even more value and jobs and wealth. They provide the capital for new startups, biotech industries that cure all manner of diseases and on and on and on. All of that is the source for jobs for those that either are not capable of building a business or choose to do an 8 to 5 gig.

Sooooo what if we take all that capital away from the guys and gals that now how to create value and wealth with capital and give it to those idiots in Washington to spend who have undoubtedly the worst investing track record EVER.

Sooner or later you run out of money to take away from the wealthy and have now created a welfare state with exorbitant taxes for all.

Just look at Afghanistan: Since 2001 we spent $83 billion on equipment and training and what do we have to show for it?- exactly nothing and bunch of our military killed in action. Nice job guys! Where do I sign up to send you more money ?

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Raising tax rates on corporations and high-income households is a key part of Democrats’ plan to pay for their proposed multi-trillion-dollar social spending plan, but opposition to that approach from Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona has sent lawmakers scrambling to find alternative ways to offset costs.

Given Sinema’s resistance, there’s a growing chance that the corporate income tax rate could remain untouched in the Democratic budget bill. Even the compromise rate of 25% reportedly preferred by Sen. Joe Manchin appears to be on shaky ground.

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Corporate News

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10-14- 2021 Antibe Therapeutics Inc. OTC ATBF (TSXV:ATE)
Antibe Therapeutics Provides Update on Otenaproxesul and Expanded Drug Pipeline

TORONTO, October 14, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Antibe Therapeutics Inc. (TSX: ATE, OTCQX: ATBPF), a clinical stage company leveraging its hydrogen sulfide platform to develop next-generation safer therapies for a wide range of inflammatory conditions, is pleased to provide an update following a full scientific and strategic review involving external experts and key opinion leaders. The key findings are:

  • Lead drug, otenaproxesul, ideally suited for US$13 billion post-operative pain market
  • Targets urgent need to reduce opioid prescriptions, with shorter path to market envisaged
  • Label expansion strategy potentially includes migraine, dysmenorrhea and dental pain
  • Enlarged pipeline addresses significant unmet medical needs, additional IP protection expected
  • Chronic pain program investigating alternative treatment regimens
  • Strong balance sheet fully funds multiple parallel clinical development programs

“In our comprehensive review, it became apparent that otenaproxesul’s remarkable potency, GI protection and overall safety profile should be leveraged for acute pain use,” commented Dan Legault, Antibe’s CEO.

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9-29-2021 SRAX (NASDAQ SRAX)
Bigtoken and BritePool Merge Resulting In Favorable Outcome for SRAX Shareholders

LOS ANGELES, September 29, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SRAX, Inc. (NASDAQ: SRAX), a financial technology company that unlocks data and insights for publicly traded companies through Sequire, its SaaS platform, has announced the merger between Force Protection Video Equipment Corp (FPVD), also known as Bigtoken, and Britepool. As a result of the transaction, SRAX’s resulting ownership position will cause the deconsolidation of its subsidiary, BIGtoken, from the date of the close.

Prior to the closing of the transaction which is awaiting regulatory approval, SRAX shall exchange their approximately 150 billion shares into preferred shares with blockers at 4.99% and or 9.99%. This move will allow SRAX to recognize the value of the asset on its balance sheet while no longer requiring the consolidation of BIGtoken’s operating results. This will allow SRAX investors to recognize the true operating performance of the Sequire platform.

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9-22-2021 SRAX (NASDAQ SRAX)
LD Micro Announces Unique Set of Safety Protocols for Upcoming Main Event on October 12-14, 2021

LOS ANGELES, September 22, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SRAX, Inc. (NASDAQ: SRAX), a financial technology company that unlocks data and insights for publicly traded companies through Sequire, its SaaS platform, has announced a unique set of safety protocols for the in-person component of the 2021 LD Micro Main Event on October 12th-14th.

This event marks the first in-person conference for LD Micro in almost two years, and brings physical and virtual elements together to form a truly unique experience. LD Micro is pleased to announce that several presenting companies will also be providing their product, know-how, and services to the in-person Main Event, to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable during the conference.

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9-15-21 Can B Corp. (OTCQB: CANB)
Can B Corp. to Produce 13,000 Liters of Delta-8 and Other Isomers with Potential $10 Million Revenue

Newly acquired Colorado facilities will process isolate for Can B Products

HICKSVILLE, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 15, 2021 / Can B Corp. (OTCQB:CANB) (“Can B” or the “Company”), a diversified health and wellness company, announced today plans to fulfill a new hemp processing agreements after securing hemp biomass and winterized crude to create over 13,000 Liters (1 Liter = 1.05 Quarts) of isomers, including Delta-8, with a potential wholesale value exceeding $10 million at today’s market price. The biomass Can-B has secured is harvested hemp that is the core ingredient to make hemp isolate which is the CBD component of Can B’s CBD tinctures, salves, gels, as well as its line of isomers such as Delta-8.

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Alternative Investments-

All kinds of buys in the hospitality Industry especially restaurant and bar properties

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October 21, 2021
Antibe Therapeutics, Inc (ATBPF)  Profile 11/11/2018 News
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October 19, 2021

ValuEngine Weekly Report

By: Herb Blank

The ETF reports on ValuEngine for funds that follow market benchmarks provide a side benefit in writing market analyses.  They are a window to the implicit forecasts for 1-, 3-, 6- and 12-month forecasts VE models are making for each benchmark’s ETF portfolio.  This is because the ratings and projections combine bottom-up constituent analysis with analyses of the historical price movements of the ETF in different market environments.   

The benchmark indexes chosen for this feature are:

  1. The S&P 400 MidCap Index representing US MidCap (MDY)
  2. The Russell 2000 Index representing US Small Cap (IWM)
  3. The Russell 1000 Large Cap Growth Index (IWF)
  4. The Russell 1000 Large Cap Value Index (IWD)
  5. The Nasdaq-100, constructed as an index using the top 100 non-financial stocks with primary listing on the Nasdaq, but now regarded as the premier US Big Tech Index (QQQ)
  6. The S&P 500 Index representing US Large Cap (IVV)

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Event Calendar Updates

Not Surprisingly many conference events are cancelled or postponed- but are now getting back in action.

Rocky Mountain Microcap Conference VIII.

November 3,  2021 at TopGolf in Centennial Colorado. 

As with past conferences, Rocky Mountain Microcap Conference VIII will be a single-track, single day, 13 company event.  Each presenter will be allotted 25-minutes and we expect the conference to run from approximately 10 am until 5:30 pm followed by drinks, dinner and golf.  Lunch will be served as well.  Also, like our past two events, this conference we will be both an in-person and a virtual event.

Please contact Dave Lavigne at Trickle Research for more info:

Dawson James small cap growth Conference

October 21st
Wyndham Grand Hotel-Jupiter Florida

A two-day event with over 30 companies presenting in healthcare, technology and Consumer Services

This is a great event that I have attended for years.

Register Here

LD Micro Main Event
October 12-14  Los Angeles.

This conference will be held physically again. See details from LD Micro below

It will be capped at 150 companies and 600 people. Just to put things in perspective, we did 294 companies and 1,600+ individuals back in December of 2019. 

We will have some safety protocols in place for everyone involved, especially on the food side of things. I just believe it’s time, and can’t wait to host everyone again.

Here are the details:

LD Micro Main Event (XIV)

Date: October 12-14

Location: Luxe Sunset Bel Air 

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