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Introducing the China Stock Alerts

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March 31, 2021


  • Consumer boycotts warn of trouble ahead for Western firms in China (The Economist)
  • China considering new bourse to attract overseas-listed firms -sources (Reuters)
  • China container maker reaping rewards as Suez Canal blockage adds to global shortage, demand set for record high (SCMP)
  • China best placed to profit from the world’s move towards a lower carbon future, says HSBC report (SCMP)
  • China’s advanced manufacturing upgrade backed to gather pace, driven by top priority status in five-year plan (SCMP)





  • 03/31: Every-Glory International (EVK) at 8:00am ET
  • 03/31: Ideanomics (IDEX) at 4:00pm ET
  • 04/01: Yiren Digital (YRD) at 8:00am ET
  • 04/08: New Frontier Health (NFH) at 8:00am ET
  • 04/09: JinkoSolar Holdings (JKS) at 8:00am ET
  • 04/12: Canaan (CAN) at 8:00am ET
  • 04/20: New Oriental Education Group (EDU) at 8:00am ET
  • 04/20: Aesthetic Medical International (AIH) at 8:00am ET
  • 04/27: Yum China (YUMC) at 4:30pm ET

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