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How People Are Staying Connected & Entertained During the Global Pandemic: New BIGtoken Consumer Research Study

SRAX, Inc. Nasdaq SRAX September 3, 2020

BIGtoken, built by SRAX, Inc. (NASDAQ: SRAX), a permission-first consumer data management platform, released a new consumer research report that compares how people are staying connected and entertained one month versus four months into the global pandemic.

BIGtoken surveyed their United States user base in April to understand how the pandemic has affected their social behaviors. Later, the company redeployed the same survey in August to compare results.

Here’s what BIGtoken found out:

  • Less people are isolating alone today (29%) than they were four months ago (44%).
  • In April, 70% were shopping online, while in August, only 25% were shopping online.
  • The most popular activities for passing time at home during the pandemic have been streaming movies & TV shows, cooking or baking, playing video games, and using social media.

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